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Keep your vehicle passengers comfortable and cool.

Car Air Conditioning Service

Johnston Auto Repairs offer an air conditioning service for all domestic and commercial vehicles in Midlands.

A car air conditioner uses refrigerant gas to keep temperatures down, but over time, systems will lose gas and become less efficient. We recommend organising a car air conditioning service every two years to keep systems in top condition.

Our car air conditioning repair team will check pressure levels and look for leaks. A car AC recharge replaces old and lost gas with new and fresh gas to the correct pressure.

The team of mechanics complete all repairs with the aid of our sanitising machines to ensure all systems are both safe and functioning as they should be.


Ensure your AC is operating correctly by organising a service.


I am looking for a car air conditioning service near me. What is your catchment area?

We help clients throughout Midlands with all their car AC maintenance and repairs. Contact us today to organise a service.

How much does a car air conditioning recharge cost?

The price of a car air conditioning recharge will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Visit our online consultation page or give us a call today for a quote.

Our Full Air Conditioning Service Includes

Anti-bacterial cleaning of evaporator and vents

Wiring Repair

Inspection of electrical components and controls for your vehicles AC unit

Evaluation of refrigerant levels and pressures

Vacuum and Pressure test of system

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